Fast. Flat. Fun.


Photo courtesy 2013 Men’s Half Marathon winner Jake Krong.

The 2014 Saltair Half Marathon is ready to ROCK and will be Utah’s ultimate test of running strength. In addition to our generous 10-deep progressive prize purse, we’ll be handing out big honking trophies as runners cover the perfectly flat, perfectly honest, perfectly equal course.

The Saltair Half Marathon began when a group of runners noticed a big emtpy spot on the Northern Utah race calendar and asked us to organize a November half marathon. We agreed, but knowing canyons would be out of the question and other factors would restrict the type of race we could put together, we chose a simple, easy course that focused more on running and less on expensive frills. We also insisted on benefiting a local charity.

2013 results are posted HERE.

In the race’s first year, we asked the runners of the Saltair Half Marathon to donate some new or gently used winter clothing items in exchange for the event t-shirt.

No donation, no shirt. That simple. And did you guys ever respond!

We ended up with 57 LARGE bags of quality donations for the Road Home Shelter. We unpacked one ‘average’ bag just to count items and it had 12 coats, jackets, boots, etc. If that was ‘average,’ we gathered approximately 684 items to the Road Home Shelter. THANK YOU!

This year, we’re switching it up and will hand out 300 tech fabric skullcaps instead of shirts. The perfect accessory for all you winter runners. Same deal – no donation, no SWAG.

Join us on November 8, 2014 for the Saltair Half Marathon. A fast, flat run that is a true test of running fitness. No hills to help you run fast, no hills to slow you down. Just you and 13 miles of flat road with a clock waiting at the finish line.